Monday, February 22, 2010


One of the reasons that I think I liked watching Seinfield shows is that I could imagine myself having the conversations from the diner and Jerry's apartment.  If the show were still running today, I can just hear the conversations that would be had about Facebook, Twitter, and now the new Buzz. 
Jerry: Do I REALLY need to know that she needs two cows and a pig for her Facebook farm?
Elaine: Would you rather hear a plea for a pig or  daily play-by-play of every activity from her day?
Jerry:  I'm goin for the pig.

Now that I have stepped on multiple toes from the social networking folks, let me admit that I am guilty of some oversharing also.  I have posted some updates and then deleted two seconds later.    And although I don't play along on the farming and mafia games on Facebook, I understand the posting of the activities is really part of the game.  As far as the updates go, I am sometimes amazed at what people will post.  Maybe I am just too shy for that.  Or maybe I think, do all of my 150+ friends on Facebook need  this information?  I do not log on to Facebook everyday.  I am sure that I miss out on a lot.  Do you think Facebook and Twitter posters overshare?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Audible Enthusiasm

     I have been commuting for some time now. It's two hours daily...if I'm lucky, and I don't hit traffic.  I have discovered a way to make the trip more than bearable.  I actually look forward to my time in the car alone with my newest book.  This week, I downloaded a book from the young adult genre, The Hunger Games.  I have a monthly subscription with Audible for one download credit a month, and I also frequent the library for books on DVD.  The Hunger Games started out with a riveting premise that reminds me somewhat of a Stephen King story, The Running Man.  I am only on chapter three and am excited about my drive tomorrow.  You might think, "Why not listen to more of it tonight if you are that excited about it?"  I try to limit myself to access to my audiobook.  I then will be in for a treat when I make the 50-mile trek to work.  
     The narrator of The Hunger Games is not one that I accepted with enthusiasm at the beginning of the book.  I am accustomed to her voice now, but I did have some reservations through the first chapter.  I have been an Audible customer for a couple of years now.  During this time, I have deserted one book due to the narrator.  The book was Beyond the Highland Mist, and if I ever pick it up again, it will be in print.  The best narrator of a book in my audio library is Neverwhere and is narrated by the author, Neil Gaiman. I've listened to it three times.  I tried to read another Gaiman book and didn't get hooked.  I missed his voice.
    Although I'm only on chapter three, I'm already attached to the main characters of The Hunger Games.  I'd love to give you a summary.  The only problem is that I can't spell the main character's name (since I don't have it in print).  Katness, Catness, or Catnis?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Weekly Wrap-up

This week I received my second rejection to an email query  for Reading Between the Lines. This is the completed manuscript I mentioned in my first blog post. This second rejection was on a friendlier and more personal note as I was invited to send another query with future material.  I am putting information about my current project in all my query letters.  My current project, The Waiting Booth, is a YA paranormal romance.  Or maybe it could be sci-fi romance.  I definitely plan to send another query  to the agent from this week's rejection.  This morning I was at my best as far as writing goes.  I sat down with my morning coffee at 6:00 am, and the words just flowed faster than I could type. It's not always like that, but I am a better writer in the mornings.  My preference would be to write from 6:00 am until noon everyday, but the need to work (and get paid) interferes with that plan.  My goal is to complete an additional ten pages tomorrow.  For next week, I will submit Chapter One of The Waiting Booth to the critique group that I have joined.  If I can submit a chapter a week....well, I can see this timeline isn't going to work.  With chapters at roughly twelve pages each, I'll be finished in six months. I heard a man on conference call this week say, "We need to figure out what is driving this mule."  I am not sure that I know what is driving this mule, but I need to be finished in less than six months. (Adding to my to-do list...timeline for The Waiting Booth manuscript.)

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Bachelor and Romance

Monday night is reserved for two activities.  I engage in volunteer work on a database for a national dog rescue organization,  and I watch The Bachelor on television.  I have been hooked on The Bachelor this season as I couldn't figure out why last season's bachelorette didn't choose Jake.  This season, Jake seems to be perfect husband material.  Maybe that's the problem.  He is just SO nice. Did last season's star need someone grittier, tougher....less sensitive?  This has brought me to ponder on what women really want.   What makes for a good hero in a romance?  I've read this genre for many years, but I can say that my definition has greatly expanded over the years.  One of the first single title romance books I remember reading was written by Rosemary Rogers. I don't recall the name of the book.  I do recall the plot.  Beautiful woman travels through a canyon where she is captured by a rogue leader of desperados.  She falls in love; he falls in love.  She tries to escape, and the rogue is forced to abide by his own law and whip her with a cat o'nine tails for punishment. I was so tormented. Really. Nowadays, I require some very different charactertistics.  My favorite heroes have a good sense of humor, tend to break the rules, and are at least a little sensitive.  So, I still like the hero to be less than strait-laced.  Maybe Jake needs be a little more of a scoundrel.  He's doing better this season since he gets to do the choosing.  AND he has one version of the scoundrel in his final four ladies. Go figure.