Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Weekly Wrap-up

This week I received my second rejection to an email query  for Reading Between the Lines. This is the completed manuscript I mentioned in my first blog post. This second rejection was on a friendlier and more personal note as I was invited to send another query with future material.  I am putting information about my current project in all my query letters.  My current project, The Waiting Booth, is a YA paranormal romance.  Or maybe it could be sci-fi romance.  I definitely plan to send another query  to the agent from this week's rejection.  This morning I was at my best as far as writing goes.  I sat down with my morning coffee at 6:00 am, and the words just flowed faster than I could type. It's not always like that, but I am a better writer in the mornings.  My preference would be to write from 6:00 am until noon everyday, but the need to work (and get paid) interferes with that plan.  My goal is to complete an additional ten pages tomorrow.  For next week, I will submit Chapter One of The Waiting Booth to the critique group that I have joined.  If I can submit a chapter a week....well, I can see this timeline isn't going to work.  With chapters at roughly twelve pages each, I'll be finished in six months. I heard a man on conference call this week say, "We need to figure out what is driving this mule."  I am not sure that I know what is driving this mule, but I need to be finished in less than six months. (Adding to my to-do list...timeline for The Waiting Booth manuscript.)

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