Monday, February 22, 2010


One of the reasons that I think I liked watching Seinfield shows is that I could imagine myself having the conversations from the diner and Jerry's apartment.  If the show were still running today, I can just hear the conversations that would be had about Facebook, Twitter, and now the new Buzz. 
Jerry: Do I REALLY need to know that she needs two cows and a pig for her Facebook farm?
Elaine: Would you rather hear a plea for a pig or  daily play-by-play of every activity from her day?
Jerry:  I'm goin for the pig.

Now that I have stepped on multiple toes from the social networking folks, let me admit that I am guilty of some oversharing also.  I have posted some updates and then deleted two seconds later.    And although I don't play along on the farming and mafia games on Facebook, I understand the posting of the activities is really part of the game.  As far as the updates go, I am sometimes amazed at what people will post.  Maybe I am just too shy for that.  Or maybe I think, do all of my 150+ friends on Facebook need  this information?  I do not log on to Facebook everyday.  I am sure that I miss out on a lot.  Do you think Facebook and Twitter posters overshare?


  1. How else would we know the play by play action of some people's lives???? Vital information is displayed here....a trip to the market, whats for dinner (not for you mind you, but at their house), and what errands they have yet to run. Its all riveting. It really is.

  2. God, isn't it though!??!?! I can't wait to find out of Madge is going to choose Dawn or Palmolive at the Supermarket!!!