Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Oscar for Books

I watched the Academy Awards the other night and was pleased that I had stayed up past my 8:30 pm bedtime.  No kidding-I do retire that early.  The glitz, stars, speeches, humor...it was all very satisfying.  I found myself proud to be in the Sandra Bullock and Demi Moore generation.  All I can say is, "Way to represent, ladies!" They looked fabulous.  I love movies, but I see most of my movies as they arrive on DVD.  So, I regret to say that I hadn't seen most of the movies up for awards.  I did see The Blind Side.  I took my husband to see it in the hours following his lasik surgery.  We needed a dark place where he could sleep before a followup appointment later in the day.  Since we couldn't go home that quickly, it was a toss up between the movies and a hotel room. And....welll....I picked the movies.  I shouldn't have picked that one.  The football engaged him from the beginning, and he kept his eyes open the entire time. I don't think he could see if very well.  As we were leaving, I said, "Tim McGraw did a pretty good job." My husband  replied, "Was he in the movie?"   Thank goodness no harm was done, and his vision is fine today.  Or he says. 

As I said, I don't see very many movies in the theater.  I tend to spend more money on books than movie tickets.  Why don't they have an Academy Awards type show for great new literature?  I guess we just don't love to see authors all dressed up and thanking their loved ones for supporting their art. Which book or author would you nominate for 2009?

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